New Moon Alignment

The new moon is a time to look inward, to set intentions and plant the seeds you will harvest in the coming months.

The New Moon allows us the opportunity to reflect on our shadows - whether we choose to illuminate them or honor them in darkness.

Think about what you wish to cultivate and bring into your life. Whatever you set into motion now, you can reap the benefits of later. Starting now will give you something to work towards.

Set your plan in motion by declaring your intention.

New Moon Ritual:

  1. Settle into your space.

  2. Begin by breathing, centering and grounding yourself into the present moment

  3. Allow yourself to let go of worry, tension and doubts. Let thoughts come and go.

  4. Envision a divine light flowing down through your crown and radiating throughout your body, washing any remaining tension and stress away.

  5. Set your intentions - feel your heart's desire and let it be known.

  6. Feel the support from Mother Earth and Father Sky, their energy entwining withing your body, within your heart. Know you are held and supported in manifesting your intention.

  7. Allow the energy exchange with you and through you, carrying your intention through your body and back to Source to be one with All That Is.

  8. Express love and gratitude for support from Mother Earth and Father Sky. If any guides came to you in this time, thank them as well for their support.

  9. Breathe slow and steady breaths, bringing your awareness back to the present.

  10. If so desired, take notes in your journal.

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